Today, there are a lot of different videos on the YouTube Internet portal, which sometimes you need to download to your computer. In this article, we'll show you how to save a video from YouTube.

This portal is a whole video community where any registered user can show his video to users from all over the world. Also on this Internet resource you can find editions of various TV programs, music videos, documentary films, clippings from films and cartoons.

Of course, many users need to view this or that video a few times. Therefore, if the video is long enough, it's more convenient to download it to your computer. than to wait for the full load. By itself, the YouTube site does not provide for the ability to download videos and offers users only to view them online.

1. Save the video using

To date, the problem of downloading video from Internet sites has been resolved. In order to save the video, you can use online services, among which the most popular is

First go to and find the video you are downloading. Next, copy the address by selecting it in the address bar and pressing "Ctrl + C".

After you go to this site, you will see a line that says "Enter the address from where you want to download the file". It is necessary to insert the copied address: put in the line the cursor and use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + V".

Now click on the "Download" button to the right of the line. In a few seconds, under the line, there will be a short information about the video being uploaded: the title, duration, source and even a picture serving as a preview. Also on the right will be several links, depending on the video quality options. To download it, simply click on one of the links.

2. Programs and plug-ins for downloading videos from YouTube

You can also use a special program called Flash Video Downloader. The principle of operation of such an application is similar to the principle that online resources use: you copy the address of the page with the video into the program, select the quality and start the download. The rest of the program will do it yourself.

Another thing to tell about special plug-ins that can be installed for all modern browsers. Thanks to the same plug-ins as YouTube Video Download and SaveFrom, directly on the page of the YouTube site will be displayed buttons for downloading a video file. Just click on one of them and the file will be loaded. However, YouTube developers very often change the page code, so these plug-ins quickly become obsolete.

3. Change the address of the video

There is another way to upload videos from YouTube. After you open the video, just add the two letters "S" to the beginning of the address of the video page. For example, if the address of the page is "", then to download the video you will need to write it like this: "". The new address will lead you to the site, about which it is written above.

As you could see, keeping a video from YouTube is easy enough and you do not need any special knowledge. It is worth noting that downloading video files can be done both with the bootloader built into your browser, and with the help of special programs that need to be installed separately.