In recent years, many refuse to purchase a TV, buying for their computers, TV tuners devices that allow viewing of television channels. In this article we will tell you how to connect TV tuner to the stationary computer or laptop.

The market today you can find a large number of such devices with different interfaces: PCI, PCI Express x1, USB, VGA, DVI, ExpressCard, and Ethernet. TV tuners are of two types: external and internal.

First consider how to connect TV tuner to the desktop PC. using the PCI slot or PCI Express x1. First, remove the cover from your system unit, and then find an empty slot in the motherboard. Now insert the TV tuner into the slot.

As a rule, on the panel of internal devices you can see multiple connectors. one of which you want to insert the television antenna cable or cable leading from the satellite dish. On the internal TV tuners have connectors for connecting speaker systems, as well as special sensor for signals from the remote control .

Next step connections is a configuration. Package any TV tuner must include a CD with drivers and other software that allows you to view TV channels. Set will need both the driver and the viewer.

Such programs are usually very similar in setup / interface. Some models of TV tuners come with the software AVerTV Software. After installing start this program and find it in the paragraph "Settings" tab Videos. Here for options "Video input device"  you must specify the model of the installed TV tuner, and for the option"Filtering" to set the parameter "Blend3". Also need to install a tick on the "Enable scaling". In addition, in this window you can make settings for brightness, contrast and so on.

Then click the tab "Channels" and click on automatic search. Starts the scan process which can take several minutes. After completing the channel search, a list is displayed. Near the right channels, you will need to tick the box to appear in the future. Also in this tab you can change the numbering of the channels that will allow a more comfortable use of the program. Yet it is worth noting that to enter the names of the channels have their own.

As for the connection of TV tuner for laptops, it is better to give preference to devices with USB interface. The fact is that an Ethernet cable with frequent connection and removal can become unusable, and tuners with interfaces DVI and VGA are very small. Besides,devices with USB interface are practical and ease of use. In general, the procedure for installing a TV tuner for a laptop is no different from its connection to a stationary computer: the necessary software is installed and settings are made.

As you can see, to connect a TV tuner to the computer, simply with this task can handle each. The main thing — when buying such a device to determine the type of its interface. Prices for TV tuners can vary from 20 to 200 dollars. This suggests that the purchase of such a device will cost much less than buying a TV.