In recent years, the social network of instagrams has gained immense popularity both among the owners of Apple products, and among all the others. Initially, it was intended exclusively for mobile device owners, but eventually spread to personal computers as well. So, let's figure out how to register in this rather peculiar social network and how to use it.

Logging to Instagrams via a mobile device

At the initial stage, regardless of the platform on which your smartphone is running, go to the app store: Apple Store for the iPhone or Google Play for Android. Next, we enter in the Instagram search and install the application on the device. After that, start the application and go directly to the registration.

At the initial stage, you just need to fill in several fields, in particular, an email address, a login (your nickname in the social network), a password and, optionally, a phone number. You also need to select the avatar that will be displayed on your page. At this registration is completed, and you can enter the social network.

Registration in instagram from the computer

Just worth mentioning, there is no special instagram for the computer. In fact, if you try to register in this social network not through a mobile device, you will simply go to its official site with an offer to authorize. In addition, you can not add photos from your computer to the site - all the basic actions are carried out only from smartphones and tablets.

However, there is a workaround by which registration in instagram from the computer is still possible. First you need to download and install a program called BlueStacks. This application will allow you to emulate the image of the Android OS on your PC, that is, when you start, the instagram will assume that you have a smartphone. Next, we search on the Internet and download the most recent APK file Google Play. Next, install this file using BlueStacks.

At the next stage you can find again on the Internet APK Instagram file or search for the application via BlueStacks. Finally, we run instagrams on the computer through the application library. Everything, now it is possible to start registration, which will not differ in any way from the method described for mobile devices.

How to use Instagram

Immediately it is worth to say how to make an instagram. To do this, click the Share tab in the application, then make a new photo or choose one of the available images that you want to change and show it to your friends. To process photos, filters are applied to instagrams, which allow to give it an original appearance.

So, with the help of filters, you can "age" the photo, change the color range, darken the image and much more. Hashtags in instagrams (denotation #) do not differ from the similar notation in other social networks and serve to indicate the subject of your photo. They are necessary in order to collect more likes and draw attention to your image.

There is a huge number of hashtags available, and you just need to choose the closest and most popular topic. Also, with this designation, you can view images of other users with similar topics.