In everyday life it is accepted to divide all breeds of dogs into groups according to the size and weight of their representatives. Generally there are 3 groups: large, medium and small breeds. Particularly noteworthy medium breed dogs. because they often choose to keep at home. Which popular breeds of dogs are considered medium-sized, will tell the country of the Soviets.

According to the generally accepted norms, referred to as medium dog breed, representatives of which can reach a weight from 10 to 25-30 kg{!LANG-c31495b91ae1edf2724507c4bc32c5bd!}

The most popular medium breed dogs{!LANG-99160edf3e346ffd3e415cb6581002ab!}

So, medium breed dogs often need large amounts of traffic. and because the contents in the apartment so the dogs need to ensure the active long walks every day. As the representatives of other breeds, dogs of medium breeds require proper training and education to their Union with the person was harmonious and comfortable.

Medium sized dogs choose, because, unlike large breeds, they eat much less, and, unlike smaller breeds, are not so fastidious in the choice of delicacies. But in any case food dog breeds medium should correspond to the needs of their body. On the finished feed, as a rule, the manufacturers clearly indicate, for dogs what size they are, so enough to choose from food for medium breeds the one that corresponds to the personal preferences of the owner and the dog.

Medium breed dogs are often prone to overeating{!LANG-d14bc0138780f8bc38480a56c0cc5d24!}

By its nature, representatives of breeds of dogs in most cases are not aggressive{!LANG-40c107f80ce7d66aa1889b9cd0682579!}

For dogs medium breed easy to find location in the house, to acquire the necessary auxiliary equipment, dishes, etc. But this does not mean that medium-sized dogs should not be given attention, to take care of them regardless of their size, a dog is a living being, the responsibility for which fully take on the hosts. Only sincerely loving owners can give their Pets long, happy and healthy life!