To date, a huge number of computer programs have been released that allow solving a wide variety of problems. Naturally, most of them are of a utilitarian nature and are designed, first of all, to work and expand the functionality of the PC. However, there are many applications, the main purpose of which is to entertain the user and give him a little rest.

So, there is a whole class of joke programs that allow you to "break" the desktop, add various cute creatures to the screen, hunt for the cursor and do many other ridiculous things. We will not dwell on them, because, for the most part, they are of the same type, but we immediately turn to the story of more complex applications.

StrokesPlus – the original program to control the computer using mouse movements. In order to use this software you need to first ask a list of various symbols (pictures, lines, letters, etc.) and assign each of them some action (start another program, create the document, the inclusion of media player and so on). After the program remembers all the symbols you hold down the right mouse button and draw on the screen any of them, then the application will automatically carry out the command. How this program can expedite your job is unknown, but the fact that it will make it more fun is undeniable.

Google Earth  - A quick virtual journey to anywhere in the world. In fact, this program is an offline version of the maps from Google. Its peculiarity is that you can visit all kinds of sights of our planet without any difficulties, consider the streets and houses in 3D and even if you want to look at the surface of the moon. Also, there are photos of remote corners of the universe made by the NASA telescope.

Celestia is a 3D universe – unlike the previous app, this program gives at your disposal not only the Earth but also other planets. Its main purpose is a 3D modeling of different parts of our Universe. Thus, you will be able to make a virtual journey to any of the planets of the Solar system and even distant stars and galaxies. In total, the database program is based on more than 100 thousand images of stars, planets and other space objects so fascinating walk provided.

Antikomar  - a means for fighting insects. Immediately it is worth mentioning that this program is one of dozens, if not hundreds, designed to combat cruise bloodsuckers. After installing on the PC and launching the program, it starts generating a sound that is beyond the audibility of the human ear, but at the same time, it repels insects. Unfortunately, opinions about the usefulness of this ultrasound program were divided, someone claims that it really helps against mosquitoes and flies, while others on the contrary - consider it useless.

Family Tree Builder  - as the name suggests, this program is designed to build a family tree. With it, you can easily and quickly put all your relatives in the right order. In addition, the application provides for the possibility of building a family tree for any member of the family whose data has already been added to the database.

pMetro  - it's easy to learn, but very useful utility, which is useful to those who constantly moves in the subway. The program contains maps of the "subway" of many cities and allows you to calculate the optimal route of travel between stations, taking into account transplants and waiting. Also, you can independently upload additional maps to any of the cities in the world.