How to restore deleted correspondence in VC More often people prefer to use social networks exclusively for communication through personal messages. Sometimes, accidentally or intentionally deleted messages want to be returned, restored. Perhaps there contained important information for the user. About how to recover deleted messages Vkontakte - in our article.

Restore messages with a specific person

To begin with, we'll look at a simpler example: suppose you need to get a dialogue (a personal message story) with one of your friends, with whom you corresponded to the VC.

Here everything is extremely simple: ask your friend to copy all your dialogue or certain parts of it. The thing is that by deleting the correspondence, at the "other end of the wire" it remains unchanged. Of course, it is understood that your friend did not delete the dialogue the same way you did.

In case you deleted the message on the friend's wall, but you did not update the page (did not press F5 on the keyboard or go to another page of the VC), then the message can be restored by clicking on the "Restore" message.

Another simple method, however, is not always suitable in such cases: check your e-mail, if in the settings of the VC you specified the option to "notify by e-mail". However, due to the abundance of VKontakte messages, it is likely that you then cleared your mailbox from a variety of alerts.

Recover deleted messages VKontakte from different interlocutors

All the above methods are not suitable for completely returning all correspondence from different people. Go to the VKontakte site and at the bottom in the horizontal menu click on the link "Help" (the order of the items in the menu is the following: about the site - help - rules, etc.).

The page for technical support of the site will open, where it will be written above the data entry line: "here you can inform us about any problem related to VKontakte." Write your question in the data entry line, pre-formulating it.

You will need to describe your problem by saying that the messages have been deleted at random and need to be restored. It will not be long before the technical support staff answers. Follow the receipt of the notification of the answer to your question - regularly check your mailbox.

But do not expect an answer within 5-10 minutes. Your request will be processed in about 2-3 days. Understand correctly - every day hundreds of users turn to technical support with a similar problem, so you need to wait a bit.

How to read deleted messages Vkontakte: recovery software

A lot of appeared in the network of programs and sites offering services, how to view deleted messages VKontakte. Be carefull! Programs can contain malicious code - Trojan viruses that steal the password from the VC page and then send out spam, as a result of which your page will simply be blocked by the VKontakte administration.

Similar expects from visiting sites with questionable content (in this case - sites that allegedly help to return deleted messages vkontakte).

But there are also proven programs that can restore access to remote correspondence, although they do not guarantee full recovery. The most common ones are VK Bot and Vkontrole Message (version 1.0). VK Bot is a shareware program (for some of its functions it is necessary to pay 400 rubles), but its possibilities are huge.

The second program also proved to be a good helper in the recovery of personal messages. In any case, it is worth trying both programs.