The most common office illnesses: occupational health of office workers

Any profession one way or another affects the health. And even if not to take into account harmful work in the North, in the mines, steel works and other heavy professions and fields of work, almost every one of us, unfortunately, familiar with the classic afflictions of office workers. What "office" of the disease are the most common, and how can they be avoided? Read: Gymnastics in the workplace to prevent office disease.

  • Problems with vision.
    Prolonged work at the computer screen, a rare blinking, the humidity deficit in the office and even tightly tightening neck tie lead to increased eye pressure, cramps in the eyes, asthenopia, syndrome of the dry eye and impaired vision.
    Prevention of diseases of the eye is:
  • Regular exercises: first, looking into the distance, fixing the gaze on a single point, then look at an object near you (repeat the exercise 6-10 times every 60 minutes).
  • Periodically the process should be done often marginalnye movement, and closed his eyes, count to 10-20.
  • From dry eye can be applied pharmaceutical preparation is a natural tear (day 1-2 drops) and have to take breaks for 10-15 minutes.
  • In the prevention of asthenopia (eye strain), manifested by itchy eyes, headache, eye discomfort and even a split image, showing eye massage (circular motion – first against, and then clockwise), gymnastics and 10-minute breaks.
  • Of the musculoskeletal system.
    This system of the body office work comments osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis, neurological symptoms, sciatica, salt deposits, cracks intervertebral discs, etc. Reasons: illiterate job, ride on cars, combined with a shortage of Hiking, sedentary "vegetable" a way of life near the monitor.
    Rules of prevention:
    • Not shy colleagues, and every 50-60 minutes get up from your chair and do gymnastics. The exercises consist in the rotational movements of the shoulders and head, raising the hands, removing the tension from the shoulder girdle. You can perform exercises isometric exercises .
    • Looking for a pool, which is easily accessible after work. Swimming takes great psychological/physical stress.
    • Don't forget about the mandatory walks. Instead of smoke breaks and coffee in the local canteen to go out.
    • You should pay attention to his work: height of chair and table must exactly match physique and growth.
    • Avoid awkward postures for long periods of time. Keep your back straight, your neck muscles periodically massaging, and the chair is selected by the head restraint (even if I have to buy it for the money).
  • Respiratory
    In this area of health the most common effects of office work – pulmonary disease and chronic bronchitis. Reasons: lack of fresh air, transferred to the legs cold, the stuffiness in the room, active/passive Smoking, air conditioning, changing of filters which often save (and the air from them containing positive ions, "alive" is not and does not bring benefits).
    How to protect yourself?
    • Throw bad habits.
    • Avoid passive Smoking.
    • Regularly ventilated office space.
    • On the weekend, if possible, leave town.
    • Strengthens the immune system with vitamins and the right way of life.
  • Digestive system
    To the digestive tract office work – constant stress, which is manifested by the development of gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, obesity, atherosclerosis, problems with blood vessels and other troubles. Reasons: bad habits, lack of sleep, mental stress, meals in a hurry (fast food restaurants, fast food, sandwiches on the run), frequent banquets, etc.
    Rules of prevention:
    • Care about good nutrition and its clear mode.
    • Sweets, nuts, crisps and coffee excluded or limited. And, of course, do not replace their lunch.
    • The half-time break for "tea" and lunch is spent on a walk, walking and exercises.
    • Ignore the elevators — walk up the stairs.
    • Minimize the use of alcohol at corporate events, fatty/fried/spicy foods, sweets.
    • Eat every 3-4 hours.
  • Nervous system
    The most frequent consequences of an overload of the nervous system for the fighters front office – emotional burnout/exhaustion, chronic fatigue, irritability. The dream is broken, there is indifference to everything, over time we just forget how to relax. Reasons: hard work, the necessity of making decisions on the run, lack of sleep, stress, unhealthy climate in the team, the inability to rest, overtime work, for various reasons.
    How to protect the nervous system?
    • Looking for opportunities to exercise. Don't forget about the sauna, swimming pool, massage to relieve tension.
    • Exclude bad habits.
    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Learn to control emotions and relax the brain even in the middle of the day.
    • Sleep at least 8 hours, observe a day regimen and nutrition.
  • Tunnel syndrome
    This phrase is called the complex of symptoms resulting from long work with the computer mouse at the wrong bend of the hands, muscle tension, numbness, impaired blood flow, hypoxia and edema of the nerve in the carpal tunnel.
    Prevention tunnel syndrome is:
    • A change of lifestyle.
    • Ensuring the correct position of the hands when working and comfort in the workplace.
    • Charging for the hand.
  • Hemorrhoids
    With this problem (only a matter of time) facing 70 percent of office workers, long sedentary work, inadequate diet and stress, of course, no use (except damage) do not bring.
    How to avoid:
    • Make regular breaks – get up from the table, walk, do exercises.
    • Follow the regular (at least once a day).
    • We drink more water.
    • Eat fiber and foods with a laxative effect (prunes, yogurt, beets, pumpkin, etc.)
  • Adhering to the recommendations of the experts, you can avoid the classic office illnesses  . Only on you depends - whether there will be pleasure from work (with a minimum of consequences for an organism), or your work becomes an exchange of health for the salary.

    If at least three times a week to go in for sports, it will greatly facilitate the fate of office workers, which I treat myself. I do fitness (3-4 times a week), I try to follow my diet and every day to go out into the fresh air (preferably somewhere on nature: forest, lake). Thus, I manage to maintain my health and not succumb to the diseases that promise "office" life.

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