10 best ways to establish a relationship with the boss at work

Relations with the boss - it's always a separate topic: someone they are formed immediately and flow in a friendly manner, and someone, to put it mildly, dislikes his immediate boss or worse - just hates him. Different characters, aspirations, achievements, goals, likes - any of the characteristics can cause discord.

    • Respect
      Agree that not always it is true that he was appointed leader, and You have 10 years working with specialist at the same place and he's probably younger than You. Then why You still sit, Express their preferences and wishes? Perhaps you need to actively take the initiative?
      Of course, in every company everything individually. But let's try to look at this issue from the other side.
      For starters, consider why this person was Your boss. Maybe he speaks loudly or holding steady? Maybe his appearance has to communicate or is he a professional? Consider all sorts of faces and find the positive side of his leadership. Psychologists are reminded that leaders are human beings with their weaknesses and human life. Think about what interests Your boss, what his Hobbies are, and with whom. Respect is Your first step to success!
    • Expectations
      Rate what to expect from You boss?
    • reliability — time You perform all assignments and tasks
    • professionalism — as You're doing your job, to what extent does the chief have something to recheck or redo after You
    • punctuality — delay, increase the lunch break the boss can pay attention to it.
  • Tell the boss only good news
    If You constantly approach him with a problem — he begins to consider one big problem. Veil bad news for the neutral, and the neutral present. Let the chief remembers a messenger of good news, and then promotion and an increase in guaranteed bonuses.
  • Keep in mind
    Actively participate in meetings, gatherings, trainings. Let your voice be heard. Offer ideas, analyze out loud working time, offer options and ideas — the thinking of Your will distinguish You among Your peers, even if they know more than You do, but are silent. Actively show their work, putting the chef in the copy when uncertain situations or when you need to highlight Your professionalism.
  • Observe the dress code
    If the company is taken to comply with dress code required even if Your profession does not involve meetings with clients.

    Often employees of different specialties "forget" that work in the office — a hairstyle, manicure, and dress code will make You more attractive, confident, and therefore reliable (don't forget about it).
  • Praise
    Boss — man too. Once again praise him, if his project succeeded. The main thing — do not overdo it. A simple phrase -" You have this great work" will be marked in the eyes of the head. See also: Friendship with the boss — the pros and cons .
  • Assessment of the situation
    Don't force the boss for nothing once again, we will address once again to a colleague for a question or wait for the right moment. If Abraham — wait time signature vacation or sick.
  • Not tittle-tattles
    Not to spread gossip about your boss — someone in the team anyway will give away Your secret and all the words that are addressed to Your boss. Believe me, especially if You are a good specialist - you will want a hold, and the head wants to get rid of You and raise one who will report him about all the changes at work.
  • Do not compare
    Don't compare a new head with the previous one, because with the latter You have time to work, got used, talked, got to know him. The new head at first, always "foreign". Over time, and to him You will get used and will probably be better for You than the previous one.
  • Do easily
    Even if a lot of work, and You sit out periodically — do not show, that it is hard for You that You are a burden. Make the case parallel to answer the phone. Be multi-tasking and easy. See also: the Best techniques of time management: how to do everything at work and not get exhausted?

Good work to You, kind and generous chiefs!

To please the boss (or rather, I have to work he was female — female), it is necessary, first of all, of course, to work well, conscientiously perform their duties, to Philo, to be curious in the work plan, constantly try to learn something new about your job, that is to improve. I agree that you need to follow the dress code. That is, if you go to work on a huge heels, bright clothes, a mini skirt, it is unlikely that the boss will think about you seriously as an employee. Will think you are frivolous. Another very important rule — you should always be on time, be late absolutely not!
  Try not to be in the firm of some gossip, not to create intrigues, not to discuss anyone, not only in the presence of the chief, but in general.

My Director also is the owner of the company where I work. 4 companies, where he was co-founder, also I'm. Strange pattern (I speculate after reading the article)! I mean, don't gossip and keep your mouth shut,respect him communicate, behave professionally and conservatively dressed.Have been working for 9 months. However, options for evaluating my work are two: either bad, or simply do not notice (or rather perceived as a tribute). Considers the opportunity to say something like "fuck me then such employee if he cannot come up to it in my opinion, but legally," or "work is not accelerated, such employee your job faster (for a minute-this employee will perform 10 percent of what I do)". Constantly in stress. Have lost heart. There is no absolutely no incentive. Even with paying deceived. In the interview we discussed other conditions, and now has reached the point that he believes that even the fact that he pays me a lot.
  Maybe I need to advertise my work more, because I'm not used to yakat and create the appearance of a super active employee. Such situations can be resolved? New place?

Almost any counselor will answer you like this: "and fuck you to this work, if you can think of yourself to be profitable and legal?".
Unfortunately, this approach does not solve the problem for a specific person. What if you, for example, no ambition and you're just ready to be a good performer... or you want to gain experience, etc. no One answers the question of how to give his careless head on the full to feel it a disgrace and an abomination that he has taken you (and I must emphasize, not revenge, and with the purpose of harmonization of relations in the future...) But I think the answer would be the type of "dogs"...
  I look at my tyrant - yes, I can practice some techniques on him and get the result, but it's simply disgusting from morning till night to practice grinding skill in raising a goat, and I love my work and do not want to change it - that's such a pun here