5 myths about the work of a secret buyer - where is the truth, and whether to look for a job?

Recently, in the columns of newspapers to find work, the vacancy of a secret buyer is increasingly appearing. Some mystery in the title and ignorance - what kind of work this is - are alarming potential applicants for the most part.

What is the "secret" work of this secret buyer, and whether such a vacancy is worthy of attention?

The work of a secret buyer - to whom and why is it necessary?

You are interested in the goods in the store, but in the middle of the hall you are standing in proud solitude. And the question - "Do not tell me ..." - there is no one to ask. Because one seller went out to smoke, the second - to puff a nose, and the third in general lunch on a schedule. The fourth in the hall is physically present, but it's just not up to you. As a consequence - you waving your hand and in frustrated feelings go to find another store ...

  This picture is familiar to many. Including shop managers, who naturally do not like this situation.To put an end to such injustice in relation to an expensive client and not to lose one's potential buyer  . many managers track the work of subordinates with the help of a "secret buyer".

There is nothing supernatural in the work of a secret buyer.As a matter of fact, it is the same usual client.  With the difference that he does not make purchases for himself, but solely on instructions from his superiors.

What is the essence of this work?

  • The secret employee receives from the management of the store (showroom, restaurant, pharmacy, hotel, etc.)check his institution on a special scheme  (schemes may differ in accordance with the institution).
  • Secret buyer satisfied"Secret" examination to the employees of the institution  and makes a general detailed assessment of all the necessary items.
  • Mystery shopper is in demand everywhere. where there is a need for customer service.
  • Approximately the same functions for a secret phone buyer. He also has to check the organization's employees for competence, courtesy, completeness of the information provided, etc.
  • A mystery buyer can be checked using a voice recorder. "Clues" from which are sent in addition to the report to its management.

5 myths about the work of a secret buyer - what is really the work of a secret buyer?

Myths in the work of a secret buyer are many.

The main ones ...

  1. "Mystery shopper is a secret security spy"
      To some extent - yes, considering the recorder in your pocket and the realization of your "important mission". But on this, perhaps, that's all. Recognizing commercial secrets in the work of a secret buyer is not included. Its task is to assess the level of service, ask traditional questions, check whether the seller understands the assortment, and ... refuse to purchase. Either make a purchase, if required by management (which will pay for this purchase). After that it will only be necessary to fill out the questionnaire and send your impressions to the authorities.
  2. "A secret buyer must be a good actor and have an appropriate education"
      Such requirements are not presented to the employee. Although a little bit of acting talent does not hurt. If you go to the store and, sticking to the collar of a voice recorder publicly, put the prosecutor's interrogation to the seller's wall - the result may be the most unexpected. It is also worth noting that hiring a secret buyer, the bosses are guided by a certain type. For example, a "humanitarian student" is hardly suitable for checking the auto parts store, and an unshaven man in overalls for a "control purchase" in a lingerie store. Although in general, such work is taken by students, pensioners and young mothers-housewives.
  3. "They become a secret buyer by blat"
      Myth. Neither the "friends" nor the "hairy paw" will be needed to get a job.
  4. "The work of a secret buyer is good money for" idle talk "
      Of course, this work can not be compared with the everyday life of a loader and an office worker. But without self-discipline and certain skills can not do. First you will have to go through the training and the basics of training in the office of the authorities, then get acquainted with the products / services of the institution, then get an "order" and a dictaphone, pay a visit to the organization, fulfill your mission and report to the management and receive a salary.
  5. "The secret buyer is the" golden bottom "
      In fact, the cost of one check is not so high (350-1000 rubles.), But if the customer is a large retail chain, then a month can be quite decently earned. There is only one "but" - on a regular basis, no one, alas, offers such a job.

How to become a secret buyer, where to look for a job and for whom it will fit?

To become a mystery shopper is easy. Search options several jobs:

  • Contact one of the agencies that provide such services.  Their addresses can be found on the Internet or in the directories (by the type of "yellow pages"). Or in the recruitment agency (if this work is included in the range of their services). Read also: Where to find work, where to start looking for work?
  • Search for a job on one of the network resources  on finding a job (or in a newspaper).
  • Place resume on the same sites  (with appropriate notations). Read also: How to write a resume for work.
  • Go straight to the store  (or other organization) with this proposal. As a rule (if you will be convincing), the management agrees. Do not forget to sign a contract.

Who will use the "secret buyer" vacancy?

  • Age.  The criterion "18+" is obligatory. Although there are exceptions.
  • Men and women  (sex, in most cases, does not matter).
  • Residents of large cities. In small towns and villages this work is not in demand.
  • Those who have a telephone (for connection with the guide) and home PC (for sending reports).
  • Those who already have experience of such work  (this will undoubtedly be an advantage).
  • Those who have enough free time  (you may need a supervisor at any time).
  • Those who can boast of such qualities as stress-resistance, attentiveness, good memory.

What else do you need to know about the work of a secret buyer?

  • No experience?  It's not a problem. Work by a secret buyer is quite in demand, and it is not so difficult to find customers. Maybe they will pay a little less, but the experience will appear! Then it will be possible to claim for something more.
  • No higher education?  And it does not matter. Enough even an incomplete secondary.
  • Inconvenient to travel far? Choose the ones ' that are closer to home. Better – several addresses in a single area. In one test, it will take 15-30 min.
  • How much can you carry out inspections in a day? The correct organization of work – 8-9 tests. If the check object is located outside the city – the salary increases significantly.

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