How to get rid of negative thoughts and set yourself up for positivity and success


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Getting rid of bad thoughts is necessary for Your success in life

Negative thoughts are like a dormant volcano in my head. We hold onto our experiences, cherish them, and fasten the fears and fantasies that, as a result, leads to a powerful stress . and the nervous system is collapsing like a house of cards. And behind her – physical health and all of life{!LANG-09d5ac05cb99c3188e5c3edc4a74c8ec!}

Why is it so important to get rid of the negativity in your head?

  • Negative thoughts are meaningless thoughts. hindering the performing right actions.
  • Negative thoughts able to materialize. The more we fear, the greater the risk of materialization of the fear.
  • Negative thoughts it's like a toothache in my head. Initially only occasionally, a short "bells", over time more and more intense and stronger. And then the "flux" that could burst at an unexpected moment and in an unexpected way. Therefore, it is crucial to "put the seal" or "remove root".
  • If negative thoughts are completely positive vent, man falls into depression. from which, at times, it is not able to bring even a good psychologist. The true motives of anxiety known only to the "patient", and introspection for the "cure" is much more effective than from outside.
  • Negative thoughts can lead not only to severe depression, but also to a psychiatric hospital. Not all such hospitals – completely obsessed, mentally ill or Napoleon. The majority of patients – people with various mental disorders that began with negative thoughts, mania and phobias.

How to get rid of bad thoughts and tune into a positive mood – tips of successful people

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What experts recommend for getting rid of obsessive bad thoughts?

    • First of all, you should understand the source of your troubles. What gives you peace of mind? Take a sheet, write down your fears and anxiety. Note – not groundless? And what can you personally do to get rid of his fears?
    • Don't try to suppress negative thoughts or to get away from her. First, it is unlikely to succeed. Secondly, senselessly accumulated in the subconscious problems and then someone will sweep you in a moment.
    • Learn to step back, to disengage from negative thoughts. To fight one's own mind is useless, but to "trick" you. Hardly you in the head knocking bad idea – immediately switch their attention. On anything (TV, music, call a friend, work, etc.) – just to switch the brain on another wave. With time it becomes a good habit, and any disturbing thought will be deleted as a "foreign body". Automatically.
    • The hardest to deal with internal contradictions. At the time when you need to make a decision, we begin to rush through the recesses of his mind hoping to find the right path. In the end bogged down in the details, the pros and cons, obstacles and hypothetical choice problems. Fear – make the decision – breeds anxiety, which prevents sleep at night. What to do? The first option is to refuse the choice altogether and go the other way. The second variant – to take the most loved solution, no matter what. Even if this decision turns out to be wrong, it's just life experience.
    • Remember: everything that happens to us on this earth temporarily. In a month or a year you won't even remember your worries. And it is impossible to insure against all errors and crashes everywhere podstelit straw, to save the day and warm, for all to be good. From the "perspective of eternity" any problem, except for human life and a clear conscience is nothing.
    • Taking any decision, don't look for the cons — the pros are looking for!
    • Often the cause of depression is guilt. There are situations when this feeling so great that to cope with him – a man of years regretting it, losing interest in life, closing in the shell of his thoughts. If you have the opportunity to change the situation – change. Even if it means "step on the throat". Action in any case will be better than inaction. Guilt is the tail that will follow you endlessly until cut off. If you change the situation it is not possible – will accept it.
    • Learn to forgive yourself and others. Forgiveness is the key to your freedom in mind. See also: How to learn to forgive offenses?
    • Don't draw in the minds of the scary scenarios of possible events. This is a sin – no-no, will arise in the mind the picture of a potential interchange issue. "I am a realist," say some, implying the inevitability of failure or failure. Anything like realism is not pessimism. Realism is a sober assessment of reality, pessimism – thinking from the position of the worst-case scenarios. Be optimistic and "themselves Directors" — attract the positive and not the problems and failures.
    • Drop all classes that don't bring you pleasure. This, of course, not the only work the only family breadwinner. Although the work, if desired, and perseverance can change – even if it will not bring the desired income, it will be a new experience and new impressions. And the new experience – the best cure for negative thoughts. Find interesting Hobbies, engage in what lifelong dream – dancing, clay modeling, painting, travelling, etc.
    • Do not turn in their negative thoughts. don't let them guide you – change your life, change yourself, change your social circle. Surround yourself with positivity around positive things and positive people, photographs, etc.
    • Do not read negative news. do not watch horror movies and thrillers, don't look for the negative in people, deeds, Newspapers and TV. Set yourself up for a wave of "goodness and light". It all depends on your desire.
    • If you are comfortable in your sink alone with your negative thoughts, any positive is causing your teeth rattle and the desire to crawl into his shell even deeper – so that's not good. From this condition is one step away from mental disorders. Urgently creeps into the light, to the people and radically change your life. You will be surprised, but life is beautiful!
    • {!LANG-f5ac385d315c9a1953297a18e8fd1167!} Friends, relatives, spouse (GE), colleagues and so On all complaints is taboo.
    • Stop trying to generalize and exaggerate. If one doctor was a "bad person" — it does not mean that doctors have left the normal people. If her husband left her for another, this does not mean that "all men are bast...". Any mistake or failure is a special case, the experience and lesson for the future. And nothing more.
    • Do not attempt to consider the actions and words of other people morethan you told or showed. You risk to come up with something that did not exist.
    • Find your perfect method of relaxation and make it a good habit. For example, to send on Saturday the kids to grandma and a Cup of coffee to drown in a chair under a good Comedy or an interesting book. Or buy a pass to the pool (everyone knows water is a great antidepressant). Or to go shooting, movies, theaters, get out of town, etc. see also: the Secrets of positive emotions — how to become a more positive person?
    • Don't take on more than they are capable to carry out. If you can not alone make an order – no need to take it on himself (the promised prize can cost you your health). If the husband refuses to help around the house, and you have the language on the shoulder after work – get a can of sardines for dinner. Learn to love yourself!
    • Tired of disappointments? You think that the whole world isn't against you? It is not in the world, it's you. Don't expect that everyone will live by your rules and principles. Everyone has their own views — how to live, what to say, how can you be late and so Be indulgent to people.

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