Occupation – traveller: the 10 professions that allows you to travel

Everyone in their childhood dreamed of a future profession. And if his dream came true - he's lucky! After all, most citizens could not become dancers or cosmonauts. As shown by numerous opinion polls, the happiest people in the profession are those whose work is directly related to travel. The given work, bringing pleasure, in exchange demands from the person of sound health and hardening.

Here are some of the occupations connected with travel

  • Teacher of English language. This work is suitable for people who are fluent in English. To try their own hand in the countries of se Asia. The increased need for teachers is celebrated in Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea. If you get a job in India, Laos or Cambodia, the work will be similar to volunteer as teaching will have for housing and food in orphanages and schools for the poor.

  • Guide. The need for the profession identified in countries where people are little known to the English language. The owners of tour agencies need to attract foreign citizens for work. Almost everywhere, where the rest of Russian tourists, popular guides (guides), talking in Russian. If we talk about job search guide, a person will have to personally go through tour agencies and to offer his candidacy. The key point that draws the attention of the employer your ability to communicate with people. It should also be noted that there are countries in which it is impossible to get a job legally. Legally there are only citizens of their country.

  • Sailor. This job will suit for true connoisseurs of travel. It is advantageous to swim at the sea on a private yacht or on the ship for cruises. For sea travel, you can get a job as a laborer cabin boy, doctor, Navigator, cook. To get to work can find a job on the Internet. The captains on the spot ready to teach a new employee the skills of navigation. The only condition the applicant to the post of sailor should be pleasant, and be in good physical shape.

  • An Event Manager. These professionals work in agencies or large corporations who are concluding one-time agreements. Event managers can assist with planning and proper corporate conduct. They organize the holidays, choosing to be seeking discounts to save money from the firm. Directly with the Contracting authority, Event managers go to the field and keep control of the process of the event. The disadvantage of this work lies in the fact that in case of any confusion you will hear the negative stream.

  • Sales representative at regions. Depending on the size of the company you get a job, directly will depend on the scale of the territory to travel. If the number of clients is only several companies to travel will have on the cost of hotels and minor towns. But if you get a sales representative in a large company, the covered area will be significantly expanded. You'll wander the countries to deal with clients in restaurants, to regale them and entertain.

  • Translator. Many companies prefer to hire an interpreter on arrival. But those firms that care deeply about privacy, never trust the presence of unknown person in the negotiations. Such companies bring their own experienced and reliable professional who knows the ropes of professional lexical subtleties. Therefore, interpreters who are employed by large companies, have to constantly travel. Accompanying your boss, they can see the country in which they reside.

  • Oceanographer. This work is suitable for those who likes to know as much information as possible about the ocean. Maximum part time job oceanographers takes place on a research vessel. Months have to be away from home. The lack of work – sometimes for a long time have to work in the lab.

  • Geo g spy. The people who work geologists help companies in coal mining, gas or oil, to find new sources of natural resources. Geologists scouts are forced to wander in the sparsely populated and remote regions.

  • Employee of national tourist offices. The world's rich powers opened a regional tourist offices and national offices. There constantly requires professionals. The task of these organizations is to promote the country in a circle of local journalists and tour operators. They organize conferences, seminars, accompany educational trips. To get a member of the national Torrelavega need a great knowledge of the language of the advertised States, the concept of marketing and the knowledge of geography.

  • A maker of commercials. For those who get a job in a large company and will be engaged in the creation of commercials for the richest customers will be provided shooting nature in different parts of the world. Directors and actors, of course, always be typed outsiders, but the firm, which is engaged in the creation of the video definitely sends a representative to coordinate the work of the team. This work is very nervous, but a little time sightseeing you still remain!

  • Specialist testing of a travel company. Reputable travel companies always have departments that monitor the quality of the product. The staff of these offices travel the world in those areas where the company provides services, live in hotels and present a report on the compliance of the service claimed a certain level. Wander will have to do so much that will even not surprisingly if you want in the future to change jobs.