11 the most reputable recruitment agencies of Russia – the rating of the leading Russian recruitment agencies

Job search is not an easy task. But today, to anyone in need come special companies — recruitment agencies. Using a recruitment Agency to find a new job, even in advance to do so without resigning from the old — which significantly saves time and the family budget, and also protects the nerves. Such an Agency can pick up a higher position or a job closer to home.

11 the most reputable recruitment agencies in Russia

  1. "Encore"
    This firm not only offers job seekers jobs and employers to potential employees, but also tests and evaluates future professionals of the companies. She conducts statistics of the labour market, tracks trends in wages. And also renders services of management personnel, including can pick up temporary staff on small and huge projects, without imposing on the employer unnecessary problems with non-regular workers, their management and motivation. "Encore" provides serious help senior managers in working with temporary employees.
    A separate line of services this staffing Agency is working in the oil and gas and hospitality sector. This is facilitated by the presence of deep knowledge in these areas.
  2. "Kelly Services"
    The brainchild of American, which operates in almost all the cities of Russia and CIS. This recruitment Agency recruiting permanent and temporary staff. If necessary, help with the management, motivation and payroll.
    "Kelly Services" for a long time works in sphere of sales and marketing, recruiting office staff, specialists Finance, accounting, logistics and computer programmers. The Agency also selects the state for industrial enterprises and works directly with him.
  3. "Empire of frames"
    The Agency, founded in 1995. Perhaps the only Agency that has a Code of Ethics. Not surprising, because recruitment is not an easy task and human relations. There may be conflicts and misunderstandings, which in the future will not lead to anything good. But these problems takes on the Empire staff.
    The customer has entered into a contract with this Agency, will not hassle with employees. After all, the Empire not only selects people who fit the criteria, but also takes into account their future potential for growth and development of the company. Thus, it helps business the most qualitative and reliable way.
  4. "Consort"
    This recruitment Agency is located in many regions and major cities. It is directly engaged recruitment of top managers and managers of large companies.
    The company also selects the mid-level managers, staff, workers, engaged temporary employees and helps to formalize such a procedure, as a conclusion for the state.
  5. "Maxima"
    The firm recruits senior and middle managers. But, in addition to working with the staff, the company conducts its analysis of the labor market and wages.
    A feature of the work of the Agency is that more than 80% of its orders is the second and subsequent treatment of former customers of large firms employers that reflects the high quality of work with personnel.
  6. "Viva Staff"
    Large and fairly young company, involved in recruiting staff.
    The Agency develops an individual concept for each client based on their requirements.
    The firm provides services such as:
  • Recruitment of senior executives.
  • Recruitment of workers in all spheres of activity.
  • Organization and holding of trainings.
  • Personnel consulting.
  • Vivat staff picks people up for mass, as well as regional projects.
  • Working finding a place for all specialties and any kind of employment.
  • The Agency "Yuniti"
    This is one of the oldest agencies in Moscow. It has long been engaged in personnel work.
    The best way has established itself in such areas as:
    • Real estate.
    • Design.
    • Architecture.
    • Sales and engineering of industrial equipment, materials, and technology.
    • Investment.

    The majority of new clients come to the company on the recommendations of their friends who have already found a new job thanks to unity.

  • "Metropolis"
    The network of these agencies not only covers Moscow and the regions, but also CIS.
    Global reach enables us to search for highly qualified personnel. Metropolis has developed the tactic of selection of staff, which reduces time and costs without losing in quality.
  • "Triumph"
    Recruitment Agency in the labour market since 1997. This Agency works not only with the selection of staff at all levels and qualifications it also independently:
    • Tests and evaluates the professionalism of applicants.
    • Provides training training.
    • Develops own methods of motivation.
    • Deals with the study of HR consulting.
    • Studying the job market and monitors the changes in wages.
  • "President"
    The Agency pays great attention to personal qualities of candidates, so conducting improved interviews with the definition of sociability, stress resistance and creativity of the person.
    And the individual approach to each client allows best meet its requirements.
  • Gardarika
    Agency with an office in St. Petersburg is recruiting staff of all levels and gives a guarantee of one year, which is very rare to find in the modern labour market.
    Additionally, the Agency provides:
    • Legal services.
    • HR.
    • The establishment of incentive systems.
    • Corporate training.
    • Trainings.
    • Certification of workplaces.

  • Recruitment agencies have their database of employers with available jobs and job seekers, indicating all their professional qualities, abilities and achievements.Almost all the leading agencies work not only on the Russian market, but also on

    international arenas. Major recruiting agencies have a great advantage, because their staff are experienced recruiters, who, possessing the necessary knowledge, will be able to gather a complete team for the successful work and the rapid development of any business.

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