How to become a professional copywriter and where to find a job a novice?

  The word "copywriter" is familiar to each of us. However, not everyone knows about its meaning, and many even completely confuse copywriting (the creation of original texts for certain purposes under the order) with copyright (copyright symbol, all known - ©). What is the essence of the copywriter's work, can they become, and where to look for work?

If you work as a copywriter – its pros and cons

The most sought-after copywriters today the owners of Internet resources, customers unique content for their sites. Although this work can be attributed creation of advertising articles, news, etc .

Moreover, this work usually remote  . And its popularity grows daily, thanks to certain advantages.

Positive aspects:

  1. The remoteness of the work. That is, to write you, lying on your comfortable couch or even under a palm tree on the beach. If only there was Internet access, laptop and customers.
  2. Free schedule. It all depends on you (and the customer's requirements, of course). You can work for an hour a day for tea and buns, and the rest of the rest, or wrote texts around the clock. Copywriting (if remote) is easily combined with the main work is off for "later" postponed for a couple of days when an urgent need to go fishing. If the order does not "burn", and clear terms you are not installed — everything is in your hands.
  3. Saving nerves. No one is standing over your soul, boss is not called on the carpet, and colleagues talk behind your back. Because you only have customers with which you, in most cases, working remotely. And do not think, to punish the presumptuous colleague or arrogant boss.
  4. There is no need to a respectable degree. And to have some special qualities is also not necessary. Enough desire to write, set speech, ability to clearly and correctly Express thoughts, literacy. That is, you have to be a "humanist". Another thing is if you get a job as a copywriter at a salary in any company will need and a diploma, and your comprehensive talents.
  5. Convenience for those who can't "walk" to work. For example, for young mothers. for disabled people, for students or pensioners.
  6. The salary depends on you. Work for an hour a day — get "pocket money". Work for 8-9 hours a day is quite possible to live with dignity (unless, of course, the print speed you have, at least at the level of "good").
  7. Savings. What? In the first place, by public transport and lunch. Because do not need travel far — got out of bed and went to work. And instead of snacks — a full lunch out of the fridge. You're at home.
  8. Time savings. Road to work the average statistical Russian takes 1-1,5 hours there and the same back. That is, if no traffic jams. That is, 2-3 (or even 4) hours in the pipe. Working from home, you spend this time to improve their well-being.
  9. The development and expansion of horizons. Typically, the copywriter receives orders in various spheres of life — from psychology and sports to medicine and engineering. Of course, you have the choice of what to write and what kind of jobs to take, but then — when you don't look for customers, and they have. And while you are a beginner grasping for any job, sometimes studying the areas of life that you never knew existed. Yes, here is your personal "rating" is also of great importance. The more you are competent, responsible and Executive, the more you appreciate it.
  10. If you do not wish to seek orders and to write, which will require, you can write what you like. And then put these texts for sale on the relevant exchanges. But not the fact that they will buy. Analyze the demand and then prepare proposals.


  1. Beginners are always hard. Will have to work for "penny" to get noticed, appreciated, and filled up with orders "for the year ahead".
  2. At low speed printing a lot of money earn is impossible. But this disadvantage is unimportant, since the print speed comes with experience. After a year or two (maximum three) constant practice, as a rule, the person starts to touch-type.
  3. Will have to fight with laziness. And this is a serious disadvantage. Sometimes the house is too comfortable environment, to force myself to sit down at the laptop. And the flexible schedule has to rest in the store, "to grandmother's cottage". When no one is standing over your soul, it's hard to force myself to get up in the morning "as expected" and work your 8-hour workday. And while I write another article, so it is tempting to just search mail or on social network sites. That is why for serious copywriters on any distractions of online resources while you work — a strict taboo.
  4. Article must be unique. That is, the original that checks on specific resources. Uniqueness is a strict requirement of the customer (though its criteria — its every employer). Your written article should not be floated on any other resource, even in part. Why "steal" someone else's work will fail.
  5. You lose money on the interest that they charge you for the withdrawal of money from the electronic purse on the card. If you are working through a stock exchange, then they charge you another fee and withdrawal of funds in the electronic wallet. If you write a little slowly, the losses will be substantial if a lot of fast and practically painless.
  6. A lot of competitors. Alas, it is a fact. People who dream and is able to write lyrics under the order — a lot. And if your rating is low or, even worse, you've earned a few unflattering reviews from customers for the irresponsibility — the road will be hard and long.
  7. Theme. Well, if you found my gold customer that gives topics that are close to you and easy to write, and your virtual "contract" promises to be long, profitable and pleasant. But, alas, a matter of luck (in addition to your skill). Most often, copywriters write for a variety of focused topics, and time for search and analysis of information goes quite a lot. If you're a regular housewife, to write, for example, about the device will be difficult. Moreover, there will be mistakes — that's "minus to your rating".
  8. Customers come and go. Rarely, when cooperation becomes long. Which means that after the execution of the order would have to look for the customer. And not the fact that it will happen the same day. Shortages of work — business as usual. Therefore, as a rule, copywriters work from multiple employers.
  9. If you are a young wife and mother, expect discontent on the part of the husband. Because he and the children want your attention and delicious meals rather than typing on the keyboard in the middle of a messy apartment. And usually, phrases like "I work too!" no one cares. You're sitting at home in warmth and comfort and not tired (that is how I think loved ones who in the morning go to work in any weather). Will have to catch it. So career or family?
  10. Professional risks. Unfortunately, the active work of a copywriter not to mention — most of the time he spends sitting. Accordingly, after a few years of experience you can get acquainted with the syndrome of the wrist, spine and vision, joints of the hands, cardiovascular diseases.

Quality copywriter training, and job search

Before diving headlong into the work of a copywriter, you should understand its features - what are the requirements for the employee, what needs to be learned, and what are the prospects.

What writes a copywriter?

Tasks can be completely different. And it is unlikely that this will be an "essay on a free theme" - you will have to write strictly on the topic that the customer will give you.

  • Article informational for different thematic resources.
  • Narrowly-specific technical articles.
  • Advertising texts.
  • SEO texts, etc.

How's work going?

  • Receipt of the order with the theme of the work.
  • The development of a work plan.
  • The writing of the article.
  • Check for uniqueness and work on the bugs.
  • Sending the finished material to the customer.
  • Correction and revision of articles, if necessary.
  • Getting money into e-wallet.

Requirements personal qualities — what skills should a copywriter?

  • To search for and analyse material.
  • To focus, regardless of external stimuli.
  • Think creatively.
  • Possess an analytical mind.
  • Have a broad Outlook.
  • To have a desire to grow.

What are the requirements to the employee?

  1. Responsibility. Article need to pass the time agreed with the customer.
  2. Literacy. One of the most important requirements. No errors in the texts should not be.
  3. Professionalism. It is important not only to correctly write the text, but to present it in a professional and readable — level "school essays" will not work.
  4. PC skills, Word, Excel (does not hurt), DCFinder, Advego Plagiatus (check texts), Etxt Antiplagiat, FSCapture (the program for creating screenshots).
  5. The presence of Skype or ICQ for fast communication with customers.
  6. The presence of electronic purse (and ideally a few, WebMoney, POISON, QIWI).
  7. High-speed printing. The number of characters in the text — that's your salary. Price for 1 thousand characters (without spaces) — its each customer. For a newbie it is an average of about 10-30 rubles per thousand characters for an experienced copywriter from 60-100 rubles and above.
  8. Regulations on the number of characters. How much should you write? It all depends on your abilities and directly order. Norm is an experienced copywriter who has mastered the method of "touch typing" — 10-30 thousand characters a day (without the spaces). The Internet enough "trainers" for the development of this method (for example "solo on the keyboard") practice.
  9. Ability to work with various information sources. as well as technical documentation and various reference books.
  10. The uniqueness of the texts. This requirement depends on the customer — a 70% uniqueness, and the other requires 100%.
  11. Business courtesy. What do you mean? First, your courtesy and respect for the customer, timely reply to his letters. Second, the chain of command. Communication with the customer via the Internet even if he is younger than you is not a reason for familiarity. Thirdly, the revision of articles without the "well, the one that got away" and "my version — amazing, I see no reason to fix". Because the customer is always right, and you — only performer. If you want to write on your own and you don't like criticism to shiver in his fists — write for yourself and don't go to copywriters.

Does not hurt to know...

  • The copyright law, advertising.
  • Means/ways of advertising.
  • The technique of drawing up the advertising texts.
  • Hone your original writing style.
  • Regularly to broaden their horizons and exploring new thematic directions.
  • To learn SEO.

Do I need education?

In fact, higher education has never stopped anyone. And, of course, in the eyes of the customer you will look much more impressive, if in the summary you have written — "journalist" or "scholar". Specialized education is your advantage.

But even in the absence of such education, one should not get upset - many copywriters, even without higher education at all, are quite successful. Because the main thing is result and responsibility.


They are primarily associated with the gradual accumulation of experience, improve their wages and transition from level "beginner" the level of "professional"  . From now on, customers start looking for you, and you get the opportunity to choose the most interesting and profitable offers.

Sometimes the copywriter could grow even higher — and take a decent position within the organization  . on which he worked remotely (in particular, the content manager). And if your work is in the office, for example, an advertising company, then in the future you will be able to become the leader of the creative group (and above).

Also not to be missed and opportunities for creation and promotion of their own sites  . which will also bring a good "penny" in your budget. Or creating a copywriting studio.

Where to look for work — the best of the exchange

To date, the most popular resources for job search are Advego, Free-lance,, Сopylancer, and a few resources.

Each exchange has its pros and cons, working conditions and opportunities.

Fill portfolio for work as a copywriter

  The main reference point of the customer is your resume and portfolio. They are the reference point for employers. Therefore, to create them - special attention. And if you can just use a Word for a resume (note - Master Resume), then you'll have to work on a portfolio.

Not recommended:

  • To publish the texts that you wrote earlier for their customers. You simply substitute their previous employers (the uniqueness of the article is job No. 1, and lay it only have the customer on your site).
  • Download article in Word files (search engines identificeret them as normal articles).
  • Publish articles for blogs, commercial offers, reviews, etc.


  • To make texts for your portfolio in the form of screenshots those resources for which the article was written. How to find these sites, if the customer does not put you know about them? Wait 2 weeks then check your text using Advego Plagiatus or another program (it is desirable not to remove written your texts and store them in a separate folder). Or just use a search engine (enter a few sentences from the text and evaluate the result).
  • To update the portfolio from time to time. That is, the "obsolete" article delete, new and better add.
  • To use articles from different sites. Let the customer see how popular you are.
  • Use keywords when making a portfolio . which is also well indexed by all search engines. So maybe customers will come to you.
  • More narrowly focused texts. Customers must see that for you nothing is impossible.

And the last tip:

Post your portfolio everywhere on multiple resources at once  . Let there be spare airfields.

Have you ever had to work as a copywriter? Please share the experience with our readers!

It makes sense to start with stock exchanges, but further it is better to work with customers directly - through mail, for example. Otherwise you lose on the withdrawal of money from the exchange, and then also on cash out from the electronic wallet.

As a springboard - yes, the option is ideal. 5-10 tasks for beginners, and then (if there are positive reviews of your work, of course), you can take normal tasks.

If you are a responsible person, and the customer needs a copywriter for a permanent, then count, you have a job.

I consider copywriting an ideal alternative to any job. He is not tied to anyone, is not obligated to anyone - sit at home in his dressing gown and write. When I first started (3 years ago), I did not yet understand the essence of the work. I just did what they demanded. Earnings were a penny - 8 thousand a month. Now I'm typing blindly, very quickly. From orders you have to fight back. I do not go to stock exchanges any more - there is no time, customers write to me on mail - "do it, it's very necessary, I'll put it on top for urgency")). In a month it turns out about 30,000 rubles. And the most important plus - you can write from anywhere in the world. Though on the islands leave, and there write. The work is perfect. And the children are happy - do not have to run to work, I'm with them all the time.

Sooo hard to start. Beginners are paid a penny. We have to sweat. It was a shame to take up cheap orders and compete with those who write "school essays." Month 3-4 of this shame for a penny, then it became easier. Now about 20 thousand a month is if not to strain at all. If you strain - you can earn up to 50. Cons: vision "flies", periodically comes nausea from the computer (you need to be able to rest), for the withdrawal of money a month I lose about 1500 rubles per percent. Print speed is already high - with eyes closed)). In a day I can print up to 40,000 characters (if no source - pure copyright - then no more than 25,000 characters). Complaining is a sin. Everything suits me. Even more than.

Started freelancing. Several times.)) It was too heavy. Payment — the tears, the rating was not — it was hard to fight yourself. Now and ratings, and the salary and regular customers. Else made your site, untwist. Copywriter — jobs for the future!)) I have half of the friends have moved on copywriting — went from their low-paying jobs and not worried.

I read a lot of different resources on the topic of copywriting. She worked as a copywriter for a couple of years. Recently I found this post on Vkontakte, also interesting to read for both novice and Pro: (links forbidden by the rules of the project — You can specify the name of the company about which they write. Also prohibited any obscene remarks, threats, trolling, etc. )

Hello. From filing a friend I read-how to become a copywriter. Eyes and thoughts run up-how to work, with what way to start? ... and I really want to work, -to check myself, and without work I sit (in one of the remote Ural villages). By education-teacher, I take a great interest in psychology, philosophy , I write poems, songs .. Who will take me under my wing. - and help get you started. Thankful in advance for those who respond.

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  Hello. From filing a friend I read-how to become a copywriter. Eyes and thoughts run up-how to work, with what way to start? ... and I really want to work, -to check myself, and without work I sit (in one of the remote Ural villages). By education-teacher, I take a great interest in psychology, philosophy , I write poems, songs .. Who will take me under my wing. - and help get you started. Thankful in advance for those who respond.