15 sites for a free education on the Internet

  Education has always been and will be held in high esteem. But not everyone has enough money to study at a prestigious university. Do not despair, there are many online resources that will help you acquire new knowledge or improve your skills for free.

Listthe most popular online site  . offering free education services.

The site offers to get a quality education, going courses leading Russian universities  . To date, the site is visited by about 400 thousand regular users.

Basically, the project is intended for those who want to do pre or specialized training in a particular subject and to act according to the desire of the Moscow state University, MIPT and other institutes.  In addition, entrepreneurs who post an announcement about the upcoming course will be able to select the most successful graduates and offer them a job option. Therefore, the training will be beneficial not only for entrants, students, but also for those who already have an education.

Training in the "Universarium" free  . The duration of the course is 7-10 weeks. Duration depends on the number of video lectures, testing, homework. Courses are divided by subject, it is easy to find one that you want to see.

At the end of study is on the evaluation  . and it exhibits not only the teacher, but also online students. By the way, they can check your homework and get extra points for this, which will affect the final certification.

In the future students site will be able to receive diplomas  . while their assessments for courses are only reflected in the ranking of students.

By the way, if you do not wish to study in a group, you can just browse a course of open lectures  . They are available to everyone on the "Universalarium" website.

Established in 2003 and still occupies a leading position. The work is aimed at preliminary specialized training in the subjects, professional development  . training to obtain higher or second higher education.

Of course, full training — paid  . but there are more than 500 free projects that anyone can use.

Upon completion and passing the course you will be able to obtain an electronic certificate  and proud to work for work.

By the way, benefits from the course a lot. For example, you and your talent, interest notice the teacher leading Russian University and will offer to enroll them in University  . Also, a private entrepreneur engaged in parallel with the conduct of business training. will be able to choose the best graduate and offer him further work in the company.

Today the online marketplace is replete with various proposals. You can plunge into Economics, accounting, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, IT-sphere  and other areas.

The duration of the course  ranging from a few hours to weeks and depends on the number of classes, incoming testing or homework, as well as the exam time. Those courses that have already passed can be purchased for a small amount - within 200 rubles. You can listen to them and see them, but you will not pass the exam and certification.

The main difference of the site from many others – there are specialized courses that lead specialists and developers of Intel and Microsoft Academies.

Education is also free, there are the possibility of further employment in the best companies in the world  . This and other information can be found on the site intuit.ru.

Leading Russian educational platform offering more than 250 video courses on various subjects.  The difference between this resource is the possibility of teaching foreign languages, modern office programs, graphic editors, several programming languages, and listening to university lectures.

In addition, the advantage of the resource –methylmalonate  . You can watch video lessons, listen to audio recordings, find slideshows, animated and graphic films by interests.

The site operates under the "cloud"  - all downloaded information is stored in the archive, which is accessible from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone). You can learn, even being far from home. This is another advantage of the site teachpro.ru.

All courses absolutely free  and are available to everyone, regardless of age.

On the website you will find a huge number of lectures in different languages. Subjects most diverse – from exact Sciences to Humanities .

All courses free  . They are led by teachers of leading educational institutions. The course time is several weeks and depends on the topic, the amount of information that will be given to the online student.

At the site lektorium.tv there is the possibility to view archive of video lectures  . which included more than 3 thousand records.

To see the materials absolutely free  . There are both school subjects - solving problems on USE, GIA, and more large-scale topics from scientific conferences.

To learn any skill that is of interest, maybe anyone  - Applicant, student, specialist with education.

There is also the opportunity for a paid full-time training and learning create your online courses  . which can help all categories and strata of society.

The project Massachusetts Institute of technology and Harvard University .

The website contains a vast database not only of these two leading universities in the world, but still 1200 institutions  . To find interesting courses you will be helped by a convenient search.

You can choose course by subject, level  (introductory, intermediate, advanced), language (there are training programs in 6 languages, the main one is English), or by accessibility (archival, upcoming, current).

Tuition is free, however, if you want to obtain a certificate, you will have to pay . This point does not confuse students, active users of this platform are over 400 thousand. Access is now from 500 educational programs. You can view them here: edx.org .

This project is perfect for those who fluent in English .

The website academicearth.org for those who speaks English and wants to have higher education, world-class  . Training is conducted in several directions - you can find courses for applicants, students of colleges, technical schools and their graduates, as well as bachelors, masters, doctors of science. This is the main advantage of the Internet project.

On the website you can use search to quickly find what you're interested in, either go to "Courses" and see a lot of offers from teachers of the best educational institutions of the world. These include Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Stanford and other universities  . You can learn from the best masters, learn a lot of new things, having received a certificate.

In addition, the site has a compilation of the original video lectures.  Access to them is also free. If you are confident in your abilities and want to share knowledge with others, then you can independently start your course.

Another educational platform that provides free passage of the online courses. Remotely you can learn 1000 programs in different directions  . Note that the courses are taught in 23 languages, especially a large number in English.

While training you can to obtain a totally free certificate . it must be confirmed by the curator of the course, who lectured for you and gave assignments. The second way to get a free certificate is to perform exam testing, check by the teacher and signing.

Unlike other sites coursera.org has huge database of courses from various institutions around the world  . The partners are the universities of the Czech Republic, India, Japan, China, Russia, Germany, France, Italy and other countries.

Free University, where anyone can get the degree of "bachelor" in the field of business administration and computer science  . There is one condition for students - to know English and have a secondary education.

In General, the project uopeople.edu good that you can become the owner of higher education, passing online training in an accredited University .

There is one drawback  - for passing exams and obtaining a diploma will have to pay. The cost depends on the residence of the student. However, if you dream of having a "tower", then this will not be a problem. The main thing is that you will learn from world-class teachers.

Website free video lessons and exercises 20 languages of the globe  . including Russian.

A huge benefit this project brings schoolchildren, applicants, students  . They can view videos from thematic micro-collections. Parents and teachers can on the online platform not only share their learning experiences, but also select the necessary lessons required for their children or students.

The main difference of the project the lack of reading material  . The site khanacademy.org has videos not only from ordinary people involved in the learning process, but also from leading institutions (NASA, the Museum of Modern Art, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the California Academy of Sciences).

Online platform for distance education for those who want to improve skills in the sphere of entrepreneurial activities  or simply study laws, business management tools, economics, law, finance, marketing and other areas.

The project was created with the support of the government of Moscow  . Currently, it has about 150 thousand students.

Thanks to free courses, you get an excellent opportunity to learn business, become a business person with your business and not think about finding work after training.

Russian portal, which contains best educational video and best educational projects  . which create students, teachers from leading institutions in Russia.

The advantage of online is that here — vnimanietv.ru — collected many training materials that will be able to learn on their own any person  . Videos are divided into topics. You can easily find out and find for yourself the necessary lecture or lesson.

Audience of the site – about 500 thousand people. All videos are available in open, free format .

Another platform, which presents educational videos  . photographed by experts from various companies around the globe.

The site is called"Technology, Entertainment, Design"  . in Russian it means "Science, Art, Culture".

It is intended for all regardless of age or social category  . Here artists, designers, engineers, businessmen, musicians and many other people gather. All of them are united by the idea to share their knowledge, skill, talent.

All videos arefree  . Almost everything is in English, but with Russian subtitles. Thus, the project covers a multimillion audience of various countries around the world.

  • Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative, or OLI abbreviated

A project that has training course  . This site is different in that here no one will impose you a teacher.

Training and study material video lesson is completely free, alone and at a time convenient for you .

But there are some disadvantages of such training  - there is no possibility to consult, establish live communication with the speaker, take exams.

This resource oli.cmu.edu this can be considered as a training resource, but not providing the degree or certificate from the institution  . However, its usefulness is significant. You can use it if you know English.

A huge library of video content and lectures at Stanford University  . Teachers of the leading university teach online students, applicants in various fields, which relate not only to the specializations of the university, but the main events, music and much more.

The video is absolutely free. There is one drawback resource is organized in the popular ITunes platform, Apple can only the owner of iTunes and associated software.

The only platform with a huge 7 million viewers, providing remote free education on a variety of topics  . Another advantage of the project is that it has collected more than 30 thousand courses and programs conducted by experts and specialists from the best universities.

The site is both paid and free courses  . There is no strict distinction. However, it is possible to compare knowledge that is paid for and free of charge, to determine whether differences are significant.

You can learn from any device at any time convenient for you - these are also important advantages. But there is also a minus: the language on which they teach -English .