A bright portfolio is the key to success in the modeling business!

The dream of many girls is to become a model. It is believed that this work does not foresee any difficulties: walk along the catwalk and get a good fee. However, to become a truly famous and popular model, you need to learn this art, not to mention having to have the appropriate appearance. The model can not exist separately from the agency, this organization finds consumers, promotes its employees and strongly supports interest in them.

It is important that the success in the modeling business, like in any other, always depends very much on a good and proper start. When you first start thinking aboutcareer model,  you need to understand well that modeling work is a serious work, an important part of a very serious business.

Also, from the very beginning, you need to clearly understand what the model's work really is. With this you will helpmodel agency Rosmodel .

For any person of creative profession, a collection of the best works - a portfolio. The portfolio of the model (also called "book" from English "a book" - a book) is a kind of summary of a model trying to get a job in a modeling agency or just to participate in any show or advertising campaign.

Model Portfolio  is a book, usually the size of 20x30 cm, consisting of 10-30 photographs. It plays a crucial role in the job placement. According to the materials of the portfolio, the potential employer evaluates the professionalism and creative abilities of the specialist.

Portfolio is model and acting.

Model Portfolio  Is a carefully selected set of the best photos of the model, representing it in the most attractive images. To create such photos, the services of a professional photographer will be necessary, since only with a high-quality studio shooting the talent of the model shines in all its glory. To make a model portfolio, you need to remove a few snaps and photos in the style of "fashion".

Snap  (or snaps, from English snapshots) is a set of photos that correspond to standardized requirements that represent the model in its natural form. The shooting is carried out with diffuse soft light. The model is removed on heels, in a monochrome bikini, without make-up and ornaments. Artistic retouch is not allowed. In the set should be presented full-length snapshots, portrait shots, a photo with a smile and without a smile, with the hair loose and gathered in the tail, in full face, profile and half-turned. Snap photos are sometimes called Polaroids, but this term is currently considered obsolete

Fashion  (fashion) - the general name of the style of "fashionable" photos. Shooting for magazines in all cases, without exception, is done in a fashion style. Also, it is typical for all types of advertising photography, if the purpose of photography is the promotion of clothing, accessories or cosmetics. Despite the fact that most often for promotional purposes in the style of fashion, filming for clothing catalogs is conducted. in the photo studio you can order fashion photographs for your personal use.

Actor's portfolio. As you know, the actor is a man of thousands of images. To demonstrate the true art of reincarnation on casting, you need not only to successfully play the given fragment of the role, but also to anticipate the expectations by presenting an impressive acting portfolio. It is important that each photo reflects a new image, living and original - then no one will have doubts about the versatility of the actor's talent of the person presented in the pictures. A professional photographer will help to make an actor's portfolio impeccable and presentable, reflecting the multifacetedness of a truly talented actor.

As already mentioned above, there isadvertising photography. Quality advertising - the best guarantee of brand recognition and increase in demand for products. Successful promotion of goods and services is primarily promoted by advertising photography - photographing products or the process of rendering services in such a way that the potential client wishes to contact the advertiser, not his competitors.

Types of advertising photography are shooting for catalogs and filming online stores.

Considershooting for clothing catalogs.  Best of all, beautiful clothes look on a beautiful model. But in order for the advertised thing to really attract attention and evoke a desire to quickly acquire it, the model appearance is not enough.

Shooting for catalogs requires real professionalism and outstanding creative abilities from the photographer. Only an experienced photographer can make an unobtrusive emphasis on clothes, without detracting from the attractiveness of the model. Shooting for online clothing stores is identical in meaning photography for directories.

Photo in the style of "beauty  "First of all it depicts make-up, make-up of any kind of complexity and focuses attention on the lips, eyes, etc. which are the main subjects of photography.

In the style of beauty, professional models and actresses with the right facial features that easily enter the image are most often involved. The main task of this style is to transfer the beauty of the model to a close-up (portrait). In it, you need to demonstrate a change of face with the help of high-quality creative make-up.

Shooting in this style today is very popular. Beauty is the most popular part of the model portfolio among young girls just dreaming of making a modeling career.

In conclusion - a few tips from the model agency Rosmodel

  1. At first. the model portfolio should be constantly updated and updated, even if the model did not participate in any shows, most recently, but its appearance has undergone some changes. It is necessary to document this in the portfolio, in order to avoid problems of the kind.
  2. Secondly. do not try to make a portfolio in one day. Remember that the portfolio is the face of the model, and the pictures in it should be simply stunning.
  3. Thirdly. be responsible for the selection and processing of personnel. Do not overdo with retouching in snapshots.

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