10 options rotational work for women in Russia – where to go and how to get?

  In our country, shift work remains very popular, many branches of the economy work, mostly, focusing specifically on this type of labor relations. Strangely enough, even the significant drawbacks of this work are not an obstacle for job seekers who dream of earnings.

What does the modern labor market offer in this area to women, and what should be feared?

10 best work in shifts for women in Russia

What is a "watch"?

In the first place, it is physically demanding job away from home. in Spartan (most often) conditions and on a periodic basis - usually in the conditions of the extreme North, but there are vacancies in the capital and in southern cities (for example, in Sochi in connection with the Olympics).

As a rule, such a scheme of labour activity often used in the oil and gas production, harvesting and fisheries, the development of new deposits of precious metals, the construction of major projects, etc.

Of course, this kind of work is mostly attracted to hardy and healthy male professionals, but women, under certain conditions, can get on the watch.

In fact, things are incompatible.

However, the weak sex - albeit in a small number - but is present in the North. Most often - on non-severe jobs (commandants of hostels, cooks and cleaners, maids and saleswomen, operators, etc.).

The most difficult for women working in shifts — being away from home and loved ones  . Therefore it is considered a great success if you manage to get settled with your spouse.

What jobs are available today?

  1. Engineers and geologists. Wages in the North — about 80-190 of thousands of p. of Course, require higher education, considerable experience and health, allowing to work in hard conditions. But even under these conditions, not the fact that the woman for the job will take (to work along with the man will be able not every woman).
  2. The assistant chef. Salary (Yamal), it is above 60000 p. Required education and experience. Schedule: 45 using 45 days.
  3. Engineer INSTRUMENTATION. Salary (Komi Republic) — from R. 65000 Requirements: higher education, experience, knowledge of the English language. Schedule: 30 in 30 days.
  4. Working at a grocery store. Salary (Ivanovo region) 54000 R. Requirements: excellent physical preparation. The watch is 45 shifts.
  5. Packer clothing. Salary (Bryansk region) 68000 R.
  6. Cleaner. Salary (Tver) — from 50,000 Schedule: 6/1 with residence on the territory of the employer. How to become a professional cleaner?
  7. Nurse. Salary (Krasnoyarsk Krai) — 50,000 Requires experience and appropriate education. Schedule: 40 after 40 days.
  8. Specialist in personnel management. Wages (Railways) — 44000 R.
  9. Paramedic. Salary (LUKOIL) — from 50,000
  10. Engineer-chemist. Salary (Yakutia) — from 55,000 R.

Most popular employers:

  • OAO "Gazprom". Schedule: 30 in 30 or 60 after 30 days. Accommodation and 50% of fare paid, official, full social package.
  • OAO NK "Rosneft". Mostly in need of men for heavy work (drillers, geologists, etc.), but there are female "crew" jobs.
  • OAO "LUKOIL". To the North in this company, and take professionals and graduates. Conditions quite decent, but the work is definitely heavy.
  • JSC AK "Transneft". This company take experts in the field of production/processing of oil and gas. If no current vacancies, you can simply apply.
  • JSC "Tatneft". This company offers the work of competent specialists in the North. There are opportunities for family men, for women. Schedule the same schedule in "Gazprom".
  • JSC "RZD". Here a lot of vacancies, and women will find for itself work. The conditions is very attractive. Chart — 60/30 or 30 in 30 days.
  • JSC "jakutgazprom". These are workers from different Russian regions, offering a formal employment contract, free medical/insurance and accommodation, decent salary. Education and their skills, of course, have to confirm.
  • OJSC "TNK". The company offers work in different Russian regions, but mostly in need of men.

Despite the heavy work and hard conditions of work, to candidates put forward very strict requirements, and competition remains high.

It is mandatory to carefully check the health of the applicant (you can not get rid of the usual certificate), but the person's readiness to work (and understanding the complexity of the work) is judged solely after the interview.

You need to understand that in the North the percentage of oxygen in comparison with an average strip of the country is very low (below 30%!), the deficit of the sun — constant, weather conditions leave much to be desired, and the comfort of home — at a low level.

Placement of employees usually occurs in the village of shift workers, in hotels, in corporate apartments or directly at the place of work, if there is no possibility to get there every day.

And - the future mother, or a young mother with little children less than 3 years old, on "watch", of course, do not take.

The pros and cons of shift work for women – what to anticipate and what to prepare?

Of the advantages are the following...

  • Stable and high salary.
  • Schedule. If the 2 months you work, then usually 2 months and rest and not wait 11 months until you are 2 weeks of rest. Moreover, holidays are always paid.
  • The road to the place of work, usually paid by the employer.
  • Work in the North — this allowance, benefits/privileges, preferential experience and increased pension.
  • Food and accommodation are also paid by the employer. Additionally, many companies offer free additional med/insurance.

Well, about the faults. They are much more...

  • Physically demanding work, where you cannot stand without a strong "heroic" health.
  • A lot of restrictions on age and condition.
  • The presence of occupational hazards, high injury rate.
  • Staying in for long periods of time away from their loved ones. Alas, for the benefit of the family it is not. Many families are falling apart, not withstanding such "overload".
  • The risk of being without a paycheck when you select an unscrupulous employer.
  • The lack of comfort. Well, if I have to spend the night in the hostel shift workers. But if in the trailer or in the tent? It happens.
  • Lengthened work day and no weekends. That is, the high load on the body and on the psyche.
  • Entertainment for yourself, you will not find. No clubs, restaurants and theatres there is, of course, will not. Rejoice if you will be heat and hot water.
  • Bad climatic conditions.

Schedules and timing of work shifts for women

Under the Labour legislation in the North working week women  decreases to 36 hours from 40-ka. At the same time, wages remain in its original form.

Work schedules  are different. Most often it is 15 in 15 days, or 30 through 30. There are also graphs 45 through 45 and 60 through 30.

  • Number worked for 1 shift hours can be 12 hours . but the total number of hours worked should not exceed the rates established by the TC.
  • The number of output . at least equal to the number of weeks in a month.
  • Retain the right to leave  and intervaht rest.
  • Processing and overtime always be higher — in single/double size.
  • In the presence of children under 16 years the woman is also entitled to 1 day off per month — but, unfortunately, unpaid. Moreover, if the data output use, to make up for it in the future, no one will.

What to look for when applying for shift work the woman, not to deceive?

The most important thing — carefully inspect the company . in which you were going to get.

Unfortunately, today a lot of scams in this area. Some take applicants money as intermediaries between job seekers and employers, others are unscrupulous employers.

Get on the last - the most insulting. In the first case, you will lose only money for the services of a mediator, in the second you can even remain without salary, having worked the watch.

You need to remember?

  • Often scammers "shoes" of representatives of such major companies as Gazprom or Surgutneftegas, etc. Carefully check who has offered you work, and whether there are jobs on the official website of the company (or in the personnel Department of the company).
  • Do not use the services of recruitment agencies. The only thing they are interested is to get money from you. And what is more, you will be the rest of your work, e is whether the employer was a fraud — they don't care. Usually, it's wasted money. Looking for a job directly through a company with a solid reputation offering these jobs (through their HR departments, through sending out resumes, etc.).
  • No one send money. For the employment of conscientious companies do not take money! Moreover, even the way to "watch" paid by the employer (however, in most cases, the amount for the ticket is then deducted from your 1st paycheck). If you offer to settle a money — run from this "employer" away.
  • Carefully check the information about the employer. The Internet to help you. Remember that the personnel officer, for example, Gazprom number of the mobile phone Network spread. At least carefully check the information about the future place of work (maybe the company at this address and does not produce any works).
  • Carefully read the contract you sign. how long will the watch (specifically!), what are the working conditions, how long is the vacation, the exact amount of the payment, the question of payment for accommodation and meals, the exact schedule of the work, the weekends, workwear, infrastructure and other important points.
  • Issue of advance payment is not practiced in all companies. About this "term" should be considered in advance in order not to be without a livelihood in the midst of "watch".
  • Ache — is unprofitable. Ill on "watch" don't like, and to be treated in those conditions have to exist, as a rule, impossible. If health was something serious, and you dare to go home to be treated, the salary is likely to be forgotten.
  • The hours are extremely important. Ask in advance and review the contract — what will your future day? One of the frequent sudden trouble for shift workers — a working day that starts at 6 am and lasts until 12 PM. Remember that by law, more than 12 hours working hours cannot (see above).

Well, another tip that I can give you: if you have the opportunity to work with a friend — do not miss it. Away from hometown and family, in very difficult conditions (and sometimes not having any money) is very important to have someone around on whom you can rely.