I would cook gone – the pros and cons of the profession, the chef, the pastry chef features jobs and careers

One of the most sought after jobs in the world. Moreover, relevant always and everywhere. And even when comes the time of absolute robotics, described in science fiction novels, cooks will still be needed and important. What to eat people want every day. And certainly tasty and safe.

Whether to go to chefs, pastry chefs, and what to expect from the work, the future Creator of culinary masterpieces?

The conditions and features of work of cooks

Evolution is closely connected with all spheres of our life. Cooking is no exception.

From the mammoth meat on the fire we came to the exquisite dishes, only one of which wakes up the appetite.

True, not every cook can reveal their talents – it all depends on the work place. But the conditions and features of work still about the same.

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What makes a chef?

  • Takes products and processes them properly.
  • Inspect products for compliance with GOST and quality.
  • Prepares the semi-finished products.
  • Stores products, respectively, sanitary-hygienic norms.
  • Uses kitchen appliances, including the most modern.
  • Preparing meals and creating new recipes.
  • Decorates dishes before serving.
  • Introducing new technologies of cooking.

Features the work of the chef

Activities of the chef is different from the usual chef duties.

The task of the chief to make the right meals in the right quantity for a specific time .

Like, the same problem that the usual chef, but the chef has also...

  1. To organize UPS.
  2. To order products, communicate with suppliers.
  3. To control the operation of freight forwarders and reduce the cost of procurement of goods.
  4. To control the cooking process and compliance.
  5. To make the menu, change it as needed.
  6. To control the impact of food (often).
  7. To interact with the staff.
  8. To resolve conflicts with visitors if they remain dissatisfied with the ordered dish.
  9. Conduct master classes in the restaurant.
  10. To train assistants.

The pros and cons of the profession cook

The word "cook" some imagine the hero of the series "Kitchen", which is circling around his assistants, tastes the dishes and gets a high salary, while others sweated the poor guy in the kitchen, the tiny cafe, the salary which is not enough for a caviar sandwich every morning.

Regardless of our views, the pros and cons of working for both the same.


  • The opportunity for career growth.
  • The relevance of the profession.
  • Stable income. In some cases, very solid.


  • Physical activity and work on the legs.
  • Constant presence at the stove – hot room.
  • DC voltage (the chef needs to be extremely careful, be vigilant not permitted).
  • Financial responsibility.
  • Responsible for the image and reputation of the institution.
  • Often excessive demands of the authorities.
  • Duty to prepare what is required by the authorities (unless the restaurant does not belong to the cook).

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Professional skills and qualities

Daily in the restaurants and cafes around the world are hard at work: waitresses teetering between the tables with trays, dishwashers, wash, bartenders pour, and so the Main violin played by cook.

"Package" the required personal qualities of such a valuable employee does not change:

  1. Attentiveness and responsibility.
  2. Experience and specific knowledge.
  3. Vigor, cheerfulness, the absence of health problems, from smell, with the spine and so on.
  4. Accuracy and neatness. A good chef always and hob with extractor hood clean, and the sleeves on the robe.
  5. Taste memory.
  6. Excellent coordination of movements.
  7. The ability to immediately do several things.
  8. Creativity, imagination.

What you need to know cook?

  • The basics of cooking.
  • Features of cuisine in different countries.
  • The technology of preparation of dishes.
  • Rules for the treatment of modern technology.

Also the cook has...

  1. To follow the "fashion" in the field of catering.
  2. To quickly navigate to the properties of products, their compatibility, features cooking, energy value and so on.
  3. Continuously develop creativity in order to become famous and not be stuck with a scullion in the nearest dining room.

Contraindications to work:

  • Problems of dermatological nature.
  • Venereal or infectious diseases.
  • Poor eyesight and sense of smell.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Phlebeurysm.

Wages of chefs and career – whether really to become a chef?

As mentioned above, the profession is still in demand at all times. And, best of all, to learn, and it can, if desired, of any man.

However, to achieve success will be much harder (unless, of course, cook in the dining room, not the limit of your dreams).

  • Average salary of an ordinary cook is 20000-50000 rubles. depending on the place of work and region.
  • The chef is already the highest level, their salary starts from 50000 rubles.
  • The upper limit of the salary limited to the region (or country), talent, knowledge of the European, Japanese and French cuisine, to walk she can and to 300000-500000 rubles .

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What career?

Everything is not so simple.

No, of course, to get a job in a cafe or small restaurant you will eventually be able, but to achieve the level of chef's at once.

Even if cooking is your only hobby, and in the kitchen you have no equal, says your mother, will have to work hard .

The chef is hard work, continuous learning, genuine desire "from the depths of your depths," and, of course, talent.

Do not rush immediately "to the kings" — it's impossible. Start slowly – step by step, from assistant cook to cook, from a cook in a cafe to the chef at the restaurant, etc.

Keep a high pace of work. acquire new skills, study the history of the cuisine of the peoples of the world, go to events, get acquainted with people.

Where to learn to cook?

To get a job as a cook, you will need a diploma (even if you're a genius from birth).

Learn chefs to relevant colleges and Universities. and additionally attend courses and master classes of famous chefs.

If funds permit, you can ride in Italy or France and invest in learning from the master.

Looking for work cook from scratch

The diploma you hold?

Start start with a small cafe.

Even wages will not be there to meet your needs is only the start and gain experience.

  • Then you can try yourself the younger cook at the restaurant
  • To grow up of the foreman.
  • Become assistant chef .

And then fate itself will lead you to the right path provided that you still will not lose interest in the work.

And some recommendations:

  1. Many read, learn, socialize, go to courses and trainings.   Knowledge is one of the keys to success.
  2. Constantly train at home. Cook for yourself, for family, for neighbors. Experiment, prepare only what the soul requires.
  3. Keep up with the times. Modern chefs use not only with knives and a hammer for pounding meat.
  4. Looking for an opportunity to gain experience in managing a team (the chef will have to do this).

Remember that trained chefs never ends, because there is no limit to perfection!