A blender or food processor – what to choose?

  A food processor and blender is a technique that is simply necessary in the kitchen. They have many similar features, but there are also functional features that are unique to each device individually.

A blender or food processor — what's the difference?

  • Food processor good in working with solid products, blender works better with liquid food.
  • Blenders also known as juicers or Aigiali. They are used for blending soft foods and liquids. It is a good helper in cooking various fruit juices with pulp, soups, well-mixed sauces.
  • Also with the help of blender you can mix different drinks, from milk to alcoholic cocktails.
  • The main work food processor configured to slicing, naruko, cutting layers, rubbing or mixing of the solid or soft foods.
  • Food processor more versatile than a blender. The capacity of the food processor is wider.
  • Food processor also performs many other tasks. For example, using it you can cook soup, but it will not be as tender as if cooked with the help of a blender.
  • But when you try to RUB something with blender   . only a watery and practically undetectable mass will be obtained.
  • On the other hand, if you prepare with the help offood processor . fluid not in it.
  • Food processor is a complex multi-purpose device, which includes a huge number of nozzles, knives, extra bowls, graters and other devices.
  • But blender has considerable simplicity of design and can be equipped with, except that two or three additional bits, which makes it, for example, in the disposal. Hence the obvious difference — the food processor by design, more difficult.
  • There is purely visual difference . the food processor is comparatively large, it needs a lot of space, and the blender can often fit in a very small area or in a drawer, because it has a more compact size.
  • Cost food processor far ahead of blender. And ahead of the curve here is in direct proportion to the complexity of the structures, quantities of various lotions and extend and expand the functionality of the device. And the blender at a price cheaper because it is easier.

Which is better — a blender or food processor? Owner reviews

I have a blender, but without shredding. Meat is not chopped in it, the liver turns into pate. I often use a submerged blender to scrape berries in a jelly-beetle, soup-mashed potatoes. I often use a simple blender for chopping nuts, greens, garlic, cookie crumbs, onions, cooking sauces. Combine by volume more, takes up a lot of space, which is very inconvenient. I'm leaning more towards the blender.

I have an old combine-vegetable and a submerged blender. The combine slowly gives out the ends. You can whip the soups with a blender only. More especially uncomfortable and there is nothing to do. Although they are as close to the harvesters, with nozzles and bowls. And slices will be cut. I'm thinking now about buying this. It's a pity that it's impossible to buy cups.

I have a blender and a food processor, blender is very small, so very easy to use, but it has limited ability: to interfere, to grind. A harvester is too big, so too lazy to pull it out, but he helps do the rest.

I have a harvester, Phillips. He is very pleased. It is in the kitchen cupboard, all accessories to it are compactly folded in a separate box, many places do not occupy and do not interfere. I can not imagine living in the kitchen without him. In the complete set everything: a knife - an impeller for grinding, a whisk for whipping, graters, a juicer. Of the above, I very rarely use only a juicer. All the rest I use constantly. Very comfortably!

And I have 3 blender. Enjoy all. Blender without bowl I have from the time when the children come. I he has served for 12 years. Blenders with a bowl I have 2. These I use for cocktails, batter.

I, too, do not like the combine harvesters, they are very big, although Philips has one such good harvester, I'm sorry that I have no place for him. But the blender helps me prepare cocktails and sauces, chop it into pieces and into powder, and sometimes I want to throw potatoes there and get raw materials for the deruns at the output.

I have a blender at home. Used it only when the child needed something to grind. The harvester is beautiful in autumn, when blanks begin. It, of course, takes up a lot of space, but also recycles a much larger volume of products.

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