Quite often among the Shar-Pei there are some that have a poor appetite or picky. Sometimes even that dogs refuse to eat altogether.

Many experts recommend in such cases to spend unloading days, often organize dynamic games or simply change food. Buying shar pei, the owner is primarily interested in what to feed the puppy?

Food for puppies of the Shar Pei

Dogs of this breed are very sensitive to both the quality and composition of food consumed. Sharpeev in any case can not be overfed. The fact is that the abundance of protein contained in the feed has a negative impact on the kidneys. Sometimes there may be an allergy. What can you feed a shar pei puppy?

First of all, the food for Sharpei should not contain a lot of fat. Otherwise, such food can lead to liver disease. Ideally, to make up your pet's main menu, you need to stop selecting several types of meat, vegetables and cereals.

For example, meat is recommended to give a rabbit, horse meat, beef, you can give the meat of birds, but only individual parts: the stomach, neck, head, liver. But broths to small puppies are not allowed to give at all. From vegetables, you can start with carrots, lettuce, cabbage, turnips and zucchini. Potatoes and tomatoes are contraindicated.

The food for shar pei puppies must necessarily include all the necessary micro and macro elements. As for cereals, rice and buckwheat are allowed. Feed the puppies two times a day. Take care that they always have clean drinking water.

What food is best for adults sharpei?

Dogs of this breed grow very fast. When small puppies become more mature, their owners always ask themselves: what kind of food is better for shar pei and what will be more useful? Animals must grow strong and strong, so they need a balanced diet. In this case, you can not do without the advice of a veterinarian.

A special dry dog ​​food for sharfeev Artemis Maximal Dog, which is designed for vigorous individuals, is suitable for a healthy and already more adult dog. It includes lamb, poultry meat, and rice. It is more profitable to buy large bags of food. When purchasing it, do not forget to ask about the expiration date in order to avoid an allergic reaction in dogs.

If your dog is unwell, it is desirable to select a special diet food that contains solely those components which will be useful for dogs of breed Shar-Pei. Very good food of super premium class. When the manufacture of products with high quality indicators.

The composition of such feeds includes chicken, lamb, egg, and also useful cereals. Experts recommend choosing the following supreme premium feeds: Canin, Hills, Trainer Natural. Remember that you can not buy them in a regular grocery store, only at a pet store. In the event that your puppy is sensitive to chicken meat, it is recommended to give him a dry food Diamond Adult Lamb.

It includes lamb meat and rice. Thanks to these components, you will provide your pet with optimal nutrition. For adults and active sharpey, Diamond Premium food, in which the protein and fat content is balanced, is perfect. Carbohydrates in this case are not provided, since the main task is to maintain muscle mass in an ideal condition.

We have to feed the Shar-Pei?

Recall that the feeding of dogs of this breed has many nuances and features. With the question of what to feed sharieja we have already figured out. Now it remains to get acquainted with the list of contraindicated products.

1. Do not feed animals canned. If they are to their taste, then simply shar pei can abandon the usual dry food, which is highly undesirable. Although sometimes it is allowed to combine feeds by thoroughly mixing.

2. Never give a steak or chicken on a bone.

3. Do not feed pig ears and hooves. Puppies and adult dogs can swallow them, and the consequences could be dire.

4. A puppy should not in principle have any idea of ​​what a taste of sugar or candy is. Such foods disrupt appetite and digestion. Sweets spoil the teeth.

5. Do not give raw chicken meat.

6. Do not even think about adding different spices. You do it only harm the overall health of your dog.